Electric guitar as-heard from inside an old can. Shards of YoYo-ing nickel off strings like Sonic Youth’s infancy: Inhuman, Creeping Hell & Freezer Burn. The Militaristic and ominous ‘Interlude’ provides momentary relief/pageantry like a Birchenau Stag-Do.

Oh, Elias ‘Vampire-Rimbaud’ Ronnenfelt; Little blood spots blossom on his school shirt, as he unclasps his interlocking, dirt-defined fingers to reveal a dead Løvsanger, or get his grubby, pulsating lob-on out under the desk to show Marija Henningsen.

‘Burning Hand’. He’s melting crayons on the radiator. Throwing peanut M&Ms at All The President’s Men. Moving Reece’s Pieces using telekenesis. Slapping dandelion clocks with the end of his cock. Ejaculating blood-streaked semen into your strawberry milkshake, after being locked into unconscionable congress with Torben the class tramp behind the half-demolished wall under the rope-swing where the never-frequented video-shop car park ends, and the backyard of his block of flats begins…

Read it all:

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