Leonard Cohen: ‘Old Ideas’

“I’d love to speak with Leonard…”

Cohen had already embarked upon something of a comeback by the time he discovered his retirement fund had been pilfered to the tune of $5 million in 2005, having the previous year released the brilliant Dear Heather, just three years on the heels of its equalTen New Songs. Which robs writers of a cynical theory as to why, 45 years after making the switch between poetry and folk, Leonard manages to remain as potent as when he disavowed the arguably nobler career path he had initially embarked upon.

Old Ideas as a title is, incidentally, an old idea, having meant to be the title of it’s predecessor, but jettisoned for fear the album that became Dear Heather would be misinterpreted as a ‘Best Of,’ or exhumation of previously unreleased material, and left to mature while Cohen set about attempting to recoup his financial losses with a gargantuan tour in 2008, making it seem like this particular album was meant to be…

and: http://www.treblezine.com/reviews/leonard-cohen-old-ideas/


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