In his crumbling penthouse suite, American Apparel CEO Dov Charney barks at a teenage girl of indistinguishable ethnicity to leave him be & flicks the cover off the arm of his swiveling leather armchair, and fingering a coloured button activates the nanotechnology polarisation filter on his 360 degree windows. Turning his attention from the constricting blood & spunk mulch gluing the pubes at the base of his deflated member to his chest instead, Dov wafts his sweatshop assembled kimono aside – his dry-blood-rust & Dorito-dust covered fingers part a modest smattering of luxurious chest hair. His pink nipples wiggle inquisitively like baby mole’s noses.  Around them, eight pre-ordained coarse black hairs from the periphery of each areola grow steadily-thicker, before eventually crunching outward & down, each in three distinct sections segmented by bulbous knuckles, the tips of which catch the remainder of whatever light is left in the darkened apartment… Read the article: http://www.manchesterscenewipe.co.uk/reviews/miasma-vice/


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