“Pint Pot at 21:29 Winner of the night’s Gaudiest Jumper & Pants competition announced.”

22:15 the Salford Arms There’s some bitch in an Abbey Rd tshirt who doesn’t know what it means”

“The Angel 22:50 Which is the witchcraft doo-wop hopscotch team DJing Talking Heads-athon.

“Islington Mill Wilson offers us drugs with C3PO’s gay-face on.”

“On a dick-binge scoffing cock”

“Foreskins and miniskirts pulled back in duressturbation”

“I’m breathing dry ice, tonight matthew i’m going to be…”

“We’re in the Death Star”.

“Allege whiye people startling listening to a”

“Cannonball soil pauper into the savage, teenage vagina of solemnitude”

Read all about it:

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